Naturally Soothing and Deep Penetrating!

Liniment • Body Rub • Bath Brace

Showtime’s Brisk® herbal rub is pure and potent pain relief. This unique combination packs the immune-boosting properties of organically-grown echinacea with the potent anti-inflammatory effects of calendula, capsicum and the natural pain-relieving properties of wormwood. Then we finished it with the nutritional healing support of MSM. It took two years to refine this racetrack-tough formula – you’ll agree it was worth the wait.

So tap into what many champion riders already know: Showtime’s Brisk® is producing unsurpassed relief to sore stiff muscles, suspensories, tendons, sticky stifles and aching backs in hard-working horses. All pure ingredients (without the fillers) are readily absorbed and go right to work on what hurts. No gels, no mess. The deep penetrating formula increases blood flow and will not test positive on competition horses. Great for horses that may be sensitive to chemically based liniments.

Size: 16 Oz. // 1 Gallon