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  • Flex-it™

    An extreme nutrient sport beverage for horses that play hard! An electrolyte replacer loaded with carbohydrate fuel, precisely balanced with essential amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals. Developed to improve exercise and sports performance. A great way to replenish water, electrolytes, key nutrients and glucose-fuel in a single foodstuff. Just add to water. Sizes: 5 lb. // 22 lb.
  • All the benefits of the original Freeze-It formula produced in liquid form and packaged in a convenient, non-aerosol pump sprayer. Ice cold therapy for temporary relief from the pain and discomfort of stiff and sore muscles, tendons and joints. An extremely effective pain-relieving spray the professionals depend upon to help stop the inflammatory process. Penetrates right at the site of muscular aches and pains, for soothing relief. Enhances the benefits of hosing, tubbing or standing in ice. Use with or without water. Available in a 16 oz. non-aerosol pump spray bottle. Sizes: 16 Oz.
  • Hoof-It™

    Intensive liquid hoof care, enriched with natural healing oils carefully blended with amino acids, biotin, vitamins A, D & E and other natural key ingredients to hydrate, replenish and protect even the driest hooves. Its penetrating formula absorbs quickly and starts working immediately. Designed to keep hooves flexible, healthy and strong with no greasy residue. With a nourishing protective shield, Hoof-It™ is perfect for everyday use. Sizes: 32 Oz. (with brush) // 1 Gallon
  • Lax-It™

    All natural multi-active fiber laxative. Excellent for horses grazing short pastures, consuming significant amounts of sand and dirt. Combats constipation, sand colic, bloating and gas. Easy, safe and very effective. Sizes: 5 lb.
  • Medi-Mudd™

    A superior, dual-purpose soothing application formulated to combine the cooling benefits of a medicated poultice with the astringent action of a leg tightener. Its made with premium clays, essential oils and choice astringent agents designed to aid in the temporary relief of heat, swelling and pain of the lower fore and hind legs caused by overexertion, stress and/or trauma. Effortless to apply and delicately silky, dual-purpose Medi-Mudd lets one therapy become two—keeping legs cold and tight. Sizes: 10 lb. // 20 lb.
  • MSM

    Ultra pure licensed 99.8% methylsulfonylmethane, a natural sulfur nutrient. MSM is a naturally occurring form of organic sulfur found in all living organisms. It is present at a low concentration in body fluids. Tissue research suggests that a minimum concentration in the body may be critical to both normal structure and function. Sizes: 4 lb.
  • MTM™

    Muscle Tie Management — A training and performance support supplement designed to help hard working muscles meet increased demands for immediate energy, thereby aiding in the relief of muscle tie-ups. Sizes: 5 lb.
  • Neb-30™

    A liquid aromatic inhalant especially formulated for use in regular or ultra-sonic nebulizers. Its soothing vapor is designed to help moisten dry, irritated breathing passages and temporarily relieve coughs due to minor throat and bronchial irritation occurring with a cold or inhaled airborne contaminants from dry, dusty environments and confined performance arenas. Neb-30™ may be used as an aid to help loosen equine congestion to rid the bronchial passageway of stubborn mucus material and make coughs more productive. Sizes: 16 Oz. // 1 Gallon
  • Pack-It™

    A revolutionary triple strength, dual-action hoof packing. A trusted application that integrates the benefits of a triple strength hoof poultice with an effective preparation to aid in the control of bacteria and fungi infection associated with thrush. A fresh, odor absorbing hoof packing especially designed for long-lasting, deep cold relief of fluid pressure in hot, sore feet combined with a unique formula that helps to eliminate offensive thrush odor by simply absorbing it. It's especially effective after exercise, performance and/or shoeing. Sizes: 18 lb.
  • Pol-Cat®

    This product is the ultimate anti-inflammatory, ideal for post-training, racing, showing. Pol-Cat poultice is a highly regarded formulation of premium clays and choice earthen materials carefully blended with aromatic essential oils and select absorbent agents to remove heat, swelling and pain. A silky smooth drawing application with easy glide and workability yielding proven therapeutic benefits. Its moist drawing action is effective with or without the use of a bandage. Easily removed with water. Sizes: 5 lb. // 10 lb. // 20 lb. // 40 lb.
  • Shrink-It™

    A concentrated mineral-based leg tightener. A reliable astringent solution intended to aid in the treatment of injured tendons and ligaments of the lower fore and hind legs caused by overexertion. Helps to tighten bowed tendons and problematic suspensory ligaments and keep them tight throughout performance. As much as 75% improvement after first week of use. May be used under dry or cold water bandages. Sizes: 16 Oz. // 1 Gallon
  • Steam-It™

    A versatile, full strength massage lotion formulated to rejuvenate and restore elasticity in fatigued muscles, soothe joint stiffness, increase circulation, and reduce bodily discomfort associated with exercise or inactivity. It's especially made to increase mobility in cold, unstretched muscles before exercise and refresh the whole body after. Excels on back, loin and shoulder muscles in addition to stifles, whorlbones, knees, hocks and ankles. Penetrates right at the site of muscular aches and pains, for soothing relief. Treat your horse to a warm, relaxing massage! It's greaseless, stainless and gives off a sportive aromatic scent. The best body work lotion available. Sizes: 16 Oz. // 1 Gallon