• Shrink-It™

    A concentrated mineral-based leg tightener. A reliable astringent solution intended to aid in the treatment of injured tendons and ligaments of the lower fore and hind legs caused by overexertion. Helps to tighten bowed tendons and problematic suspensory ligaments and keep them tight throughout performance. As much as 75% improvement after first week of use. May be used under dry or cold water bandages. Sizes: 16 Oz. // 1 Gallon
  • Swett-It®

    A nationally recognized moist heat preparation and double strength sweat therapy used to relax and soothe while reducing localized swelling. An excellent neck and tail reducer. Excels on enlarged leg joints, swollen ankles, knees, hocks and "stocking up". Effective with or without the use of a bandage. Sizes: 16 Oz. // 1 Gallon
  • Tub-It™

    The ultimate mineral bath sensation. Natural mineral bath salts blended with therapeutic essential oils specifically made to create soothing and restorative waters for tubbing, soaking and whirlpool treatments to "relax and calm" or "revive and invigorate" fatigued muscles and aching joints from sport or inactivity. An aromatic and refreshing spa-like bath designed to relieve minor aches and pains and energize circulation. An excellent therapeutic foot bath. Sizes: 8 lb. // 16 lb.
  • Vita-99™

    A mega multi vitamin and mineral formula. A complete, high potency multi-blend designed to maintain maximum health. Make sure your horse gets everything necessary to stay in top physical condition. Comes in an easy to feed pellet formula. Sizes: 5 lb. and 18 lb.